Josephine Bell

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Josephine Bell

Latest book

The Dark and the Light

About Josephine Bell

Josephine Bell was born Doris Bell Collier in Manchester, England. Between 1910 and 1916 she studied at Godolphin School, then trained at Newnham College, Cambridge until 1919. At the University College Hospital in London she was granted M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. in 1922, and a M.B. B.S. in 1924. Bell was also a prolific author, writing forty-three novels and numerous uncollected short stories during a forty-five year period. Many of her short stories appeared in the London Evening Standard. Using her pen name she wrote numerous detective novels beginning in 1936, and she was well-known for her medical mysteries. Her early books featured the fictional character Dr. David Wintringham who worked at Research Hospital in London as a junior assistant physician. She helped found the Crime Writers' Association in 1953 and served as chair during 1959-60.

Books by Josephine Bell

  • The Dark and the Light
  • A Hole in the Ground
  • Death of a Poison Tongue
  • A Pigeon Among the Cats
  • Victim
  • Safety First
  • The Alien
  • No Escape
  • The Catalyst
  • Tudor Pilgrimage
  • The Wilberforce Legacy
  • Death at the Medical Board
  • Death In Clairvoyance
  • Bones in the Barrow
  • Death in Retirement
  • Easy Prey
  • Compassionate Adventure
  • Hell's Pavement
  • Double Doom
  • The House Above the River
  • Adventure with Crime
  • Crime In Our Time
  • Jacobean Adventure
  • Over the Seas
  • To Serve A Queen
  • In the King's Absence
  • A Question of Loyalties
  • The Trouble in Hunter Ward
  • Such a Nice Client
  • A Swan-Song Betrayed
  • Wolf! Wolf!
  • The Innocent
  • A Well Known Face
  • The Fennister Affair
  • The Upfold Witch
  • A Question of Inheritance
  • The Summer School Mystery
  • The China Roundabout
  • Death on the Reserve
  • A Flat Tyre in Fulham
  • The Hunter and the Trapped
  • A Hydra with Six Heads