A Pliocene Companion

A Pliocene Companion

Julian May

A must-have companion for all fans of Julian May's Saga of the Exiles series.

The Saga of the Exiles, Julian May’s much loved and critically-acclaimed science fiction series, was an International bestseller in the 1980s, captivating readers with its richly detailed story of the Tanu and Furvulag. This Pliocene Companion is essential reading for all fans of the Saga, new and old alike. Inside there is a descriptive listing of all the characters, a chronology, the author’s original maps, three interviews with Julian May herself, and a selective bibliography. The glossary gives information on metapsychology, on the futuristic science of the Galactic Milieu, and on the exotic world of the Tanu and Firvulag. Beyond that, it offers readers a chance to explore further the surroundings of a world 6,000,000 years in the past.

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ISBN: 9780230770607
Publication date: 20.06.2013

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