Memoirs of a Private Man

Memoirs of a Private Man

Winston Graham

From the author of the Poldark series

Winston Graham's memoirs have been consigned to his safe for years. Here, at last, they are shared with his readers in a remarkable book, free of what he called 'the fashionable sins', but rich in charm and anecdote. Memoirs of a Private Man follows the rise of a delicate Manchester lad from the isolation of Cornwall to fame and the glittering London film scene. Its pages are peopled by luminaries, among them Alfred Hitchcock, who turned Graham's best-selling novel, Marnie , into a classic film, Gregory Peck, and Somerset Maugham.

Graham's is a life of success, often excess, yet he never loses sight of its foundations: his love of his wife Jean, companion of fifty years, and his love of words. His memoirs offer an insight into the unassuming side of the writer whose bestselling novels and their television adaptations have won over the hearts of millions.

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ISBN: 9781447256755
Publication date: 07.11.2013
Number of pages: 272
Dimensions: 234mm x 153mm

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