Hello fans

Welcome to my website, Dougal Trump fans! I hope you like it – it’s based on stuff you ask me about in your letters. There are funny stories about my ridiculous family and how I cope with them, a bit about my sister Sibble (I don’t know why you are so interested in her, but I’ve done my best), plus some advice about how to cope with mad dogs, unfair groundings, boring homework, PLUS some of my best football tips, PLUS some amazing competitions!

I'm going to tell you a joke . . .

What is the difference between Sybil the tarantula and Sibble my sister?

Sybil the tarantula has eight very hairy legs – Sibble my sister has two very hairy legs.

*Note from Sybil – my name is SYBIL and I do NOT have hairy legs!!

Notes from Dougal's friends

Cool website, Dougie! Could you put some football tips up?  

Could you show me how to make a website so I can have one?

This is the worst website ever! And Dougal Trump IS the most annoying brother in the world. And I do NOT fancy Eric Sweeter!

Dougal – get off the computer and do your homework – now!

What have you done with the TV remote?

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