Contact and FAQs


  • Diversity in our books

     We believe that books are for everyone. If you're looking for books on particular themes, have a look at our catalogue and discover what we're publishing.

  • I want to contact one of your authors or illustrators

     We are unable to give out our authors' and illustrators' contact details, but we're more than happy to pass messages on to them. You can either email your message to or post it to us, addressed to the author in question, at:

    6 Briset Street
    EC1M 5NR
    Tel: 0207 038 5000 

    Please note that we can't guarantee a response from our authors.

  • I would like to submit a manuscript or proposal to Pan Macmillan

    Unfortunately Pan Macmillan, Picador and Macmillan Children’s Books do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or proposals. All our submissions come via literary agents. You can find lots of information on how to get an agent to represent you at; there are plenty of writing tips there too. If you are trying to get poems published, it's also a good idea to submit individual poems for publication in poetry magazines and journals.

    The exception is our science fiction and fantasy imprint, Tor Books, which does accept unsolicited submissions. You can read the submission guidelines here. Please send all submissions to This is also where you should send any questions you have about the process. Make sure you read the guidelines before you submit your work.

    Our sister company, Pan Macmillan India, accepts some unsolicited submissions. You can find full details here:

  • I’m a blogger, please can you send me books to review?

     Like most publishers, we have a group of bloggers we send our books to for review. If you would like to join the group, there are some basics we’d like you to be able to show:

    - You must have your own blog, or be a guest writer for an established platform. (Unfortunately, this does not include Goodreads, Amazon reviews or similar).

    - We usually only consider bloggers who have at least 1000 followers on Twitter – but we will also look at your engagement levels as a measure and as such consider bloggers with fewer followers if engagement is high. If your audience is on Facebook rather than Twitter, don’t worry, we will also take this into account by looking at your number of likes and engagement on individual posts.

    - We can only send out review copies in the build-up to, and immediately after, publication. There may be some exceptions to this but it’s rare that we’ll be able to send out books that aren’t current.

    - If we approve you to be added to our blogger list, we ask that you send us proof of your reviews so that we can keep it on our records (we also like to show your reviews to the authors). It is best if this in the form of a link.

  • I’m looking for a book that you publish but I can’t find it

     All of our books currently in print can be found on our website; you can search by author, book or ISBN.
    If you can’t find a title that you think we publish it is probably for one of these reasons:

    -It is out of print

    -The book’s publication date is more than 5 months away

    -We don’t publish the book. You can quickly find out the publisher of any book by searching for it on Amazon and scrolling down to the Product Information section. If it does say Macmillan / Pan / Pan Macmillan / Picador / Tor / Macmillan Children’s Books and you can’t find it on our website, it will be either because of one of the two reasons above, or it will be published by our sister company, Macmillan US. You can search their website at 

  • I'd like to do work experience at Pan Macmillan

     Work experience provides an opportunity for young people to be introduced to working life through carrying out a range of tasks with the emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.

    Pan Macmillan offers one or two-week placements on an ad-hoc basis, dependent on what we can accommodate within the business. Work experience is unpaid, although we do reimburse an amount towards travel and lunch expenses.

    To be eligible for a work experience placement at Pan Macmillan you must be 18 or over and you must not have carried out a work experience placement with Pan Macmillan in the past. Due to the high demand for work experience, we are only able to offer one placement per person.

    To apply, please email your CV and covering letter, stating clearly the dates that you are available and the area(s) of the business you are interested in, to: The subject line should read: Work Experience – [Department(s) of interest] (e.g.: Work Experience – Picador; Work Experience – Publicity, Sales).

  • I'd like to work at Pan Macmillan

     We advertise all current positions on our website. Unfortunately, we do not accept speculative applications.