Released on 21 September 2017.

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Four Days' Wonder

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Jenny Windell is a teenage girl who’s is fascinated with murder mysteries. So when she finds her estranged aunt Jane Latour dead she’s excited to have a mystery of her own to solve but she’s also worried she may be thought guilty so flees the crime scene. On the run, she befriends Derek Fenton, dashing younger brother of acclaimed crime writer Archibald Fenton, and persuades him to join her in her Sherlock Holmes like attempts to solve the crime. It’s no problem for them to outsmart dim-witted Inspector Marigold and they even find time for romance to blossom.

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mystery a la PG Wodehouse. very funny!
'amusing, and certainly original, and there is an appealing romance '
‘An entirely delightful and brilliant novel … Elegant and gay – it is all capital fun.’
The Times Literary Supplement