Released on 22 October 2015.

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Hemingway in Love

His Own Story

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This Hemingway memoir completes A.E. Hotchner's international blockbuster Papa Hemingway, originally published fifty years ago. Hemingway in Love includes material previously withheld from publication, illustrated by photographs drawn from Hotchner's own collection.

As a friend and confidante, Hotchner recorded his conversations with Hemingway and kept assiduous notes in his journal over the course of their friendship. The relationship between the two men would last the last fifteen years of Hemingway's life.

Here he is able to recreate extended monologues and even conversations virtually verbatim, as Hemingway reminisces about his love life and his torment over choosing between his first wife, Hadley, and Pauline, who he would eventually marry.

Along the way we also encounter Fitzgerald, Joyce, Picasso, Stein, the Murphys, Josephine Baker, the gang who inspired The Sun Also Rises, and others.

In Hemingway in Love, Hotchner artfully organizes these memories into an elegantly constructed, rueful, and heart-breaking love story.

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Hotchner tells an engaging and harrowing story. . .offers us something of a 'behind the scenes' glimpse at how Hemingway was processing his past, and dealing with the lingering trauma of regret, physical pain, and his deteriorating creative ability. . .The final years of Hemingway's life have never been told with such eloquence and compassion
This confessional of love not lost but thrown away adds fascinating details (how he cured his impotence in a church, his falling out with James Joyce), but it is the tone of intimate, sorrowful humility in place of boastfulness that moves most
An evocative picture of a man tormented by the memories of his first marriage