The Lost Library

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HE WAS THE KEEPER - Arno Holmstrand is about to die, his life cut short by an organization intent on laying claim to the secrets he has spent a lifetime guarding: the location of the lost Library of Alexandria, and the vast knowledge it has hidden for centuries.

SHE WILL INHERIT HIS LEGACY - Emily Wess is about to have her life change beyond all recognition. One minute she is a professor of history, the next she is on a journey to the far corners of the world, deciphering strange clues left by her mentor, Arno Holmstrand. She is being tested, but for what?

THEY WILL KILL FOR CONTROL - They are the Council and crave power and position. Their corruption spreads from the highest levels of government to the assassins they employ to commit their crimes. They will kill for the ancient knowledge contained in the Library. And Emily Wess has exactly what they want.

About A.M. Dean

A.M. Dean is a leading authority on ancient cultures and the history of religious belief, whose expertise in late antiquity has earned him posts at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. An abiding interest in the human tendency towards conspiracies, together with a commanding grasp of the genuinely mysterious contexts of real history, inspire the breadth and focus of his creative works. His first novel, The Lost Library, launched to great acclaim in 2012 in sixteen territories worldwide. " " " " Find out more information about A.M. Dean’s books and other activities at: " " " " And be sure to follow A.M. Dean on Twitter @AMDeanUK for regular updates, news, contests and literary chat.

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