The Formula

Albert-László Barabási

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15 November 2018
475 minutes
Ryan Vincent Anderson

The ground-breaking book that reveals the indisputable scientific laws that can turn your achievements into success and how to use them to your own advantage.

In The Formula, Barabási, one of the world's leading experts on the science of networks, reveals the unspoken rules behind who truly gets ahead and why, and outlines the five laws that govern this phenomenon and how we can use them to our own advantage.

Drawing on Big Data research that covers everyone from the ace fighter pilot The Red Baron to graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat; Miles Davis and his recording of 'Kind of Blue' to Marcel Duchamps and Tiger Woods, Barabasi, shows why success can come at any time, as long as we are persistent, why in successful teams one person gets the lion share of the credit and why the last interviewee almost always gets the job.

Unveiling the scientific principles that drive success, and how to leverage them, Barabasi offers a new understanding of the very foundation of how people excel in today's society, and how to harness these principles for yourself.

This is not just an important but an imperative project: to approach the problem of randomness and success using the state of the art scientific arsenal we have. Barabási is the person

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, bestselling author of The Black Swan

Writing in a lively fashion, he illuminates broad principles that explain how people in all fields – from entrepreneurs to scientists to athletes to artists – achieve success.

Nicholas Christakis, co-author of Connected and the Sol Goldman Family Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale University