Lord Geoffrey's Fancy

Alfred Duggan

3.64 based on 47 ratings & 7 reviews on Goodreads.com
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18 October 2012
266 pages

Lord Geoffrey’s Fancy is a beautifully detailed study of the world of the thirteenth century – a world of knights and crusaders, of courtly love and chilvalry.

Closely following historical fact, Duggan portrays the fate and fortunes of one Sir Geoffrey de Bruyere, ‘the best knight in all Romanie’. He traces his story through hunts and brightly coloured jousting tournaments to gallant battles, fighting for God and for justice against the Infidel Turk.

‘One of the best historical novelists of this century’ Times Literary Supplement

‘What gives this novel its subtly satisfying flavour is the grasp of medieval philosophy it displays’ Daily Telegraph