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Book 1 in the series

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Macmillan Children's Books

Publication date: 02.01.2014
ISBN: 9781447261513
Number of pages: 0


‘First comes the iron and then comes the snow, and then comes the winter when nothing will grow.’

Since her father went missing while prospecting for oil in Siberia, life has been tougher than ever for India Bentley. Little does she know that he was actually searching for Ironheart, a legendary fortress containing the secrets of the old world. A place some say could save humanity . . . or destroy the world.

Along with tech-hunter Verity Brown and her android, Calculus, a killer from the old world turned protector in the new, India must make the journey to remote Siberia to try to find her father and finish his work. But there are others fighting to find Ironheart too – and they have very different goals in mind.

If India fails, it won’t just be her father who pays the price. It will cost her the Earth.

In the media

With its fast-paced storyline, Ironheart is a brilliant read for anyone who likes plenty of action. India is fearless and reckless, the perfect no-nonsense heroine, and the bad guys are satisfyingly evil.
Sunday Express
cracking action-adventure debut
The Bookseller
Mr Borough's debut novel is a real tour de force.
Armadillo Magazine