Allison Schrager

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04 April 2019
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The principles of risk are at play in practically every corner of our lives. Suppose you are considering a blind date on a rainy evening. The safe bet is to stay in – you are near certain to avoid the rain and have a delightful, cosy night in with ice cream and Netflix... But if you always make this choice you risk dying alone.

Hedged will help you understand the most important risk concepts – drawing from finance, behavioural science, and economics – and reveal how they apply to very real areas of our lives. You will learn:
- How to decide whether to rob a wine shop, or whether to take on a mobile phone contract with extended warranty (the thought process is surprisingly similar).
- Why you might be stuck in the wrong job
- How to deal with uncertainty (and why reacting to good surprises is just as important as reacting to bad surprises)
- How 'self-insurance' can be as simple as leaving early for the airport.

With stories from individuals with special insights into risk taking, Hedged presents the essential rules of risk as they relate to everyday decision-making. This book will open your eyes to the risk in our lives and help you make choices in business, relationships and life to deliver the (most likely) biggest rewards.