Released on 22 March 2018.

#3 in series
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Poetic Justice

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It’s New York City, 1970, and student riots have ravaged the university where Professor Kate Fansler teaches Victorian literature to mature students. The survival of the University College is in doubt, especially as their President Jeremiah Cudlipp is determined to shut it down.

In the midst of balancing dissertation proposals with the politics of academia, Kate is faced with insurmountable odds. But armed with a handful of rebellious colleagues, the poetry of W. H. Auden, and her new fiancé, she is not one to give up.

Kate is willing to fight to the death for her college, but only a miracle – or perhaps a murder – can save their beloved institution . . .

Littered with verses of Auden, Amanda Cross’s Poetic Justice is a passionate and gripping mystery.

‘Kate Fansler is the most appealing detective since Lord Peter Wimsey . . . the treasure at the center of all Cross’s cerebral puzzles’ Newsweek