Released on 22 March 2018.

#5 in series
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The Question of Max

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Once again, Kate Fansler tries to take a break from her full time career as a literature professor and amateur sleuth. She finds refuge in a rural retreat - the last place she thought her friend Max would come to visit.

When he asks to be driven to the home of a recently deceased family friend Kate can't resist the opportunity to learn more about of one of her literary heroes, Cecily Hutchins. But what starts as a light-hearted trip to the coast of Maine, ends with Kate discovering a body on the rocky shore. A body of one of her students.

Kate takes it upon herself to find out what really happened. Can her own presence at the scene just be a coincidence? And how much can she really trust Max?

Amanda Cross probes into the shadowy past of Cecily Hutchings and her Bloomsbury-like literary circle in The Question of Max, a gripping whodunit from start to end.

‘Fascinating complexities . . . humour along the way, and an unexpected shocker of a climax . . . a literate joy’ San Francisco Examiner