Released on 22 March 2018.

#4 in series
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The Theban Mysteries

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Literature professor and amateur sleuth Kate Fansler is taking a well-earned sabbatical with her new husband, Reed. However, her martini filled evenings are soon interrupted by a desperate appeal from her former and beloved Theban School to cover classes on Antigone.

Not wanting to deprive students from Antigone’s brilliance she rushes to New York, finding the Greek heroine’s subversive will mirrored in her students who are caught up in the rebellion of protests, sex, and drugs.

All is fun and chaos until a dead body is discovered in the old school building, can Kate get to the bottom of this sinister literary allusion?

Amanda Cross’s The Theban Mysteries will take you back to your school years and capture your attention till the very end.

‘A mystery of classic proportions to challenge Kate Fansler, “an amateur detective in the finest tradition”’ New York Times