Out on 27 February 2025

That'll Do Kate

Amanda Owen

27 February 2025
208 pages


From the author of The Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen's That'll Do Kate is a heatwarming and touching story about the joy one clever, loyal sheepdog brought to her life.

For over a decade Amanda had one dog in particular at her side – the gorgeous Kate. She arrived at Ravenseat when she was eighteen months old; a little green, perhaps, but keen. Their connection deepened over the years, until Kate would instinctively know what Amanda wanted – understanding the whole job she was being asked to do, whether it was searching out lost newborn lambs or moving the flock from miles away. She worked in the worst weather, soaked by lashing rain or her fur weighed down with snow. Though, when bored, she was tempted to round up chickens – and the children. In later years she started to slow down, but her lack of speed was more than compensated for by her wisdom. In this charming book, Amanda pays tribute to Kate, who sadly died in December 2022, aged thirteen.

Filled with funny stories and insights into the remarkable abilities of the sheepdog, That'll Do Kate will be loved by everyone who has ever had a dog and knows the happiness they bring.