A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb

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Pan Macmillan India

Publication date: 30.07.2015
ISBN: 9781509816491
Number of pages: 0


Bureaucratic in its convolutions and brutal in its deceptions, the war on terror has had an impact on our lives that we do not yet understand. We sense it. A growing claustrophobia, wariness, suspicion, the stickiness of constant surveillance. But for those who are actually entangled in it, the trap has teeth and they are fierce.

Author and teacher Amitava Kumar examines the mangled lives of some of those who tripped - SAR Geelani, Hemant Lakhani and Shahwar Matin Siraj in the US among others. And, he catalogues, with the critic's compass and a curator's zeal, the fierce renewal in art and literature that has evolved out of the war.

Spanning the subcontinents of India and the USA, part reportage, part philosophy, this is a book whose importance cannot be exaggerated.