Destroy Unopened

Anabel Donald

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22 October 2015
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'Alex, if you had a son who told you that he liked his new flat because it was built on the site of 10 Rillington Place, what would you think?'

'Hillary, I wish you'd get to the point,' I said as gently as I could manage.

She was ruffled but not distracted. 'If a son of yours said that, would you think he was the Notting Hill killer . . . ?'

Alex Tanner, part-time private eye, has given little thought to the serial killer stalking the streets of Notting Hill - except to the effect he may have on house prices. But then a wealthy widow hands her a parcel marked DESTROY UNOPENED . . .

The parcel - given to Hilary Lucas following her husband's death - contains anonymous love letters, written over many years. Not surprisingly, Hilary wants Alex to reveal the mystery lover's identity . . .

Especially when the letters suggest that the woman is the mother of the Notting Hill killer . . .

Donald is an inventive writer, with prose as sparkly as a string of diamonds

Oxford Times

A book to gulp down in one sitting . . . Sparkling writing

Sunday Telegraph