Released on 15 March 2012.

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The Golden Deed

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When Frank Roscoe saves their young son from drowning, Sally and John Mellanby are understandably grateful, and offer their help to the ex-Army officer while he establishes himself in the local area. They invite him into their home, offer him a car and even an interest-free loan if he needs it.

Slowly Roscoe’s manner changes and the family become trapped in a nightmare of fear and suspicion which threatens to destroy their tranquil way of life.

A gripping and all too plausible story of blackmail and deceit set in the soft beauty of Somerset, The Golden Deed is a simple yet effective tale of a couple whose good intentions bring a treacherous force into their lives.

‘Has the priceless gift of telling a story with apparent simplicity, but unfailing grip’ Times Literary Supplement