Released on 03 July 2009.

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When Royal Navy intelligence agent, David Trevellyan, comes across the body of a tramp late one night in a New York alley, he unwittingly uncovers a murder scam run by some of the country’s most dangerous and ruthless criminals. He quickly learns that they will stop at nothing to satisfy their greed and ambition. The FBI make the case a priority, with Trevellyan at the top of their list of suspects, and he’s in deep trouble when his London bosses turn their backs.

With the help of his Consulate colleague, Tanya Wilson, he sets out to clear his name and discover the truth behind the murders. When a second, even more sinister, operation emerges involving victims from war-torn Iraq, Trevellyan knows that the price of failure in his mission will be death, and reward for success will be redemption - for himself and for the huddled corpse from the alley.