Released on 12 September 2013.

#6 in series
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Knife Edge

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Something sinister is afoot in the house in the west of Ireland in which Sherlock is staying. There are frightened whisperings among the servants and the house's owners are clearly scared. But who - or what? - has terrified them so much that nobody will speak out? Young Sherlock must bring all his powers of deduction to unravelling his greatest mystery yet.

Another fast-paced, brilliantly plotted adventure as teenage Sherlock investigates a new crime and comes up against a fresh crop of sinister, clever criminals.

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There's nothing elementary about this excellent series which puts an exciting and youthful spin on an old-fashioned hero.
Lancashire Evening Post
This is an extremely good story which will appeal equally to male and female readers thanks to its clever mix of derring-do, intelligent reasoning and the confusions of young love, and it is bound to enthral many young people and encourage them to seek out the original stories.
Of all the follow-on Sherlock Holmes series, this is almost certainly my favourite - it captures the essence of the great detective, explains many of his later traits and foibles that make him unique, and, on top of that, makes for a brilliant story, brilliantly told. First class.
Books Monthly