Out on 06 February 2020

Where's My Happy Ending?

Anna Whitehouse

Matt Farquharson

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06 February 2020
503 minutes

Where is ‘happily ever after’? And what do you do once you get there?

Maybe you’ve just had a first date with ‘the one’, maybe you’ve been married for ten years. Either way, it’s hard to know if they’re really meant to be by your side until you both wear dentures. In Where's My Happy Ending? Anna Whitehouse and Matt Farquharson, authors of the Sunday Times bestseller Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life, set out to discover what it takes to make it to forever, by asking our greatest questions about love.

They ask a former sex-worker and her ex-gigolo husband, celibate monks and free-loving hippies. They ask people who never wanted kids and people who have loads of them. They ask porn-makers and feminist academics, neurologists, psychologists and romance novelists. They ask a whelk fisherman and a lollipop lady. They speak to couples, throuples and singles; gay, straight and anywhere in-between.

And in asking these questions, they are forced to confront their own relationship after a decade of marriage. Through tears, laughter, and one improperly discarded toenail clipping, Where’s My Happy Ending? gets answers for anyone who’s ever wondered ‘what’s next?’ Join Anna and Matt on a searingly honest, belly-laugh inducing journey through love and relationships, social media and small children, expert advice and everyday exasperation, as they navigate the muddy waters of modern romance.

Discover whether love and relationships could be simpler – or more complex – than we think in this study on what it really means to find and keep love today.

The honesty, wit and wisdom in this book makes it a joy to read. There’s a genuine drive to get to the bottom of our often questionable romantic philosophy. It’s painful and funny – and painfully funny.

Emma Freud

They both write and engage with the reader so playfully and willingly. There’s such intimacy and lightness at the same time that there’s intensity and great substance. This is a delightful book that takes us into the depths of the modern human condition. An essential psychological exploration.

Charlotte Fox Weber, Head of Psychotherapy at The School of Life

The book is a hoot – hilarious and heartfelt; Anna and Matt have done it again. I didn't know how much I needed to read this, a book that goes deep into the nitty gritty, beyond the Disney lies and "They Lived Happily Ever Afters". As someone about to get married, I absolutely loved this, and will keep it firmly on my bookshelf to remind me that life and love can be messy and hard, but it doesn't mean we're doing it wrong.

Emma Gannon