Agnes Grey

Anne Brontë

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02 May 2019
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Drawing on her own experience Anne Brontë exposes the isolated world of a nineteenth century governess in her debut novel, Agnes Grey. This edition is introduced by historian and biographer, Juliet Barker.

When Agnes Grey’s family falls on hard times she insists on being allowed to find work as a governess, but her idealistic spirit is challenged in her first position with the unruly Bloomfield children and their callous parents. She then moves on to work for the even wealthier Murray family, whose scheming daughters jeopardize the only bright spot in Agnes’s life, Edward Weston.

The most perfect prose narrative in English letters

George Moore

Anne provided her heroine with a hero who was actually nice to women. This still feels revolutionary

The Guardian

A compelling Victorian take on the iniquities of the wealth gap