Released on 05 July 2012.

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Girl in Blue

How One Woman Survived Fourteen Years in the Police

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When she made the decision to join the police force, Anne Ramsay had imagined what she would look like in a police uniform. She hadn't for one moment envisaged herself dressed as a drug-addicted prostitute, walking the streets of Glasgow at night, retracing the steps of a young girl recently murdered . . .

Girl in Blue is Anne's riveting story of the fourteen years she spent in the police, first as a WPC and then as a detective. Emerging from training school, Anne quickly found herself having to learn the ropes while out on the beat, never knowing whether she was about to come face to face with a violent criminal, a burglar funding his heroin habit, or even a corpse. From knocking on doors to deliver tragic news to unsuspecting relatives to catching drug dealers, and from watching a post-morten to solving murder cases, Anne describes the sometimes harsh realities of life as a police officer. Often moving, always gripping, and liberally spiked with black humour, Girl in Blue is one woman's unforgettable journey.