Out on 05 March 2020

My Name Is Not Albert

Illustrated by Aurélie Guillerey

Ben Manley

Ages 3-5
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05 March 2020
32 pages

A fun and playful story celebrating the joys of make-believe play and the freedom to be whoever you want, from the author of The Misadventures of Frederick, Ben Manley, and Daddy Long Legs illustrator Aurélie Guillerey.

Not keen on swimming lessons? Now you are Zandrian Delaclair, Antarctic Submariner - destroyer of the abominable Vampire Cuttlefish!

Albert goes through his day from getting up, to going to school and finally to bed, facing various challenges. But by imagining himself as powerful heroes he is able to wear each persona and feel brave in adversity, dangerous when powerless, transgressive when bound by the rules.

Taking on exciting identities from: Bhagwan Koulgai, Himalayan Mountaineer, to Professor Octavian Pickleswick, Mechanical Engineer, Albert comes to find that although pretending to be someone else can be fun and exciting, it's also just as wonderful being yourself.