Released on 01 January 2015.

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The Prince of Deadly Weapons

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In Rio Vista, California, Taylor Greene, the perfect son and heir to a fortune, dies in what is called a suicide. But two hundred miles away in an anonymous motel room, a federal agent waiting to meet Taylor has been murdered.

Months later, Dane Rudd enters Rio Vista for a memorial to this young man whom he had never even met. Dane owes his life to Taylor Greene, for he was almost blinded in an accident and it is because of the donation of Taylor's corneas that he is able to see again.

Soon Dane begins a journey along a pathway lined with liars, thieves, murderers and innocents - a fool's errand, and a dangerous hunt for truth.

'Not for those of a nervous disposition' Daily Telegraph, (for God Is a Bullet)

'Grim, glorious Gothic' Val McDermid, (for Never Count Out the Dead)