Released on 09 April 1999.

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Stormy Weather

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Crucifixions were rare, even in Miami . . .

Madison Avenue adman Max Lamb is a disappointed man. A prime time hurricane devastates southern Florida at the start of his honeymoon . . . and he can’t even use his camcorder. Fortunate really, as the results would not make family viewing back home in New York.

Within hours the ruins are alive with mobsters, crusaders, temptresses, presidential aides and escaped wild animals. Even a crucifixion, previously unheard of in these parts, can’t halt the mayhem. For the inhabitants of Dade County, the hurricane is the second goldrush – the year’s hottest scam. Everyone wants a piece. And Max, he just wants to go home . . .

Stormy Weather is the great Carl Hiaasen back on his native patch. A savage satire on life, death and the American Dream. And the funniest Florida fable ever.

‘The nation’s premiere satirist . . . perhaps the funniest important writer in America’ Miami Herald

‘The funniest English of this century’ Washington Post

‘A bracing, bawdy, howlingly funny novel’ Cosmopolitan

‘Reading him is violently pleasurable – a bit like being on a terrifyingly good rollercoaster’ Daily Mail