Released on 05 December 2008.

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Walls of Silence

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When thirty-three-year-old Robert McCartney was brutally stabbed outside a bar in Belfast on the night of 30 January 2005, his family’s lives changed for ever. As Robert lay bleeding to death in the street, a group of people, many of whom were friends of his or his family and had spoken to him that evening, set about destroying the evidence and cleaning the bar with bleach …

This is the story of Robert’s murder by members of the Provisional IRA and its subsequent cover-up by the Republican movement. The cover-up – a testimony to the fear and intimidation with which Sinn Féin and the IRA control the Catholic working-class ghettos of Northern Ireland – has been successful to date. Walls of Silence subverts that success as Catherine McCartney, one of Robert’s sisters, reveals the reality of life in the Short Strand – the tiny nationalist enclave in east Belfast where the family lived – and explodes the myth of Republican non-involvement.

Faced with the cowardice and even treachery of friends they thought they could depend on, the indifferent response of the Catholic Church and the hatred of others who believed they should accept the loss of their brother as a sacrifice for the nationalist cause, the McCartney family continues to fight back, refusing to let go their hope of achieving justice for Robert. This is the powerful story of their battle for retribution … a battle that is far from over.