Released on 01 January 2015.

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Out of Mind

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Robin Ballantyne is directing a ‘missing persons’ documentary series for the Corporation; a haunting project that will attempt the reconstruction of vanished lives. But when Robin begins enquiring about missing colleague Melanie Trent she is advised by one of her shadowy superiors to leave this case alone.

Fearful for Melanie’s safety, Robin discreetly unravels her last known movements and is forced to juggle the investigation and the demands of her three-year old twins. Meanwhile her questions are leading her into the depths of a dangerous, conspiratorial world.

As her dependable mother withdraws to California to ‘find herself’, her criminal father sets up home where he’s not wanted and her relationship with DCI Finney hits its toughest challenge yet, Robin knows this is not the ideal time to be searching for a possible killer . . . Can she stay in control, and out of danger?

‘Remember Sampson’s name; it’s about to become an important one in crime fiction’ Booklist

‘A cracking mystery’ Peterborough Evening Telegraph

‘This tense thriller will grip you from the start . . . Fab!’ Star Magazine