Released on 18 October 2012.

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Getting Home

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There is only one rule in a suburb – never trust your neighbours.

Westwick, the ultimate suburb. Nothing ever happens in Westwick; that’s why people live there. Nice people, like Stephanie Sands. Loving husband, adorable son, dream job and a beautiful garden – life is just about perfect for Stephanie until the day her husband is kidnapped.

Big mistake, losing your husband in the suburbs. The neighbours turn nasty. The TV totty sees Stephanie as a media victim and the totty’s husband sees Stephanie as ‘lonely’ – codeword for desperate. Stephanie discovers that she isn’t the kind of woman to take this lying down. Suddenly it’s a jungle out there – adultery, blackmail, sleaze in high places and lust on the lawns, until Westwick scrambles the helicopters and takes to the streets with an army of eco-warriors in the hilarious live-TV climax.

‘Deliciously comic – lightening flashes of wit and scalpel-sharp observation.’ Daily Mail

‘With a sharp wit and snappy dialogue Brayfield has produced a very funny, cleverly plotted novel that displays Fay Weldon’s understanding of the pleasure to be derived from seeing the bad get their just desserts’ Daily Telegraph