Released on 18 October 2012.

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Tropical sun, cheap booze and more natural beauty than you could shake David Attenborough at, Kim came to Los Acazares for the same reasons as all the other people who are stuck out here. She had to get away.

Los Alcazares is a holiday paradise. It’s also a place of fantastic dreams and incredible secrets, an island in the ocean where ley lines cross and tectonic crash, a geological hot spot where you can’t trust anything – not even the earth itself.

Kim trusts Matthew, her lover. She trusts Stella, her friend. But she may have been wrong. A man has been killed on Los Alcazares and both of them were there when he died. That’s what they’re saying anyway; but the island is full of talk. At the beach bar where there is no beach, Kim waits for Matthew to find out finally what she can believe.

‘Brayfield is a fine prose stylist; her characterisation is good, as is the sense of place’ Sunday Times