Released on 01 January 2015.

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Nell Gwyn

A Biography

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Beautiful, quick-witted, good humoured and sexually magnetic, Nell Gwyn remains one of England's great folk-heroines. The story of her exceptional rise from a poor, abusive childhood to the wealth and connections that came with being the lover of one history's most louche kings, is a highly charged mix of lust, money, high politics and love. Oyster wench, Orange seller, comic actress, court jester and loyal friend Nell was the original 'peoples princess'. Charles Beauclerk, a direct descendant of Nell and Charles II, has brilliantly recreated the heady, licentious atmosphere of court and brings new insights into Nell's Career as an actess as well as her domestic life. Probing beneath the suface of her reltionship with the king, the author reveals to us the true nature of Nell Gwyn's world and her unique impact upon it. This is both quintessential restoration romp and epic love story; an account that far exceeds the colour and excitements of the best historical fiction.

'revealilng and entertaining' - Literary Review

'a rich and deep knowledge of the period conveyed in warm, unstuffy and amusing style' - Daily Mail