Full Personal Service

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Publication date: 29.01.2015
ISBN: 9781447292586
Number of pages: 0


Portly showbiz writer Will Benson has left Theatre World for the loucher but less life-threatening environment of soft-porn publishing. Now settled down in connubial bliss with the lovely Kim, life, it seems is a bed of roses. But certain aspects of his marriage necessitate the occasional visit to 'a tart with a heart' in Pimlico . . . and on one such visit Will finds the man ahead of him in the queue has overstepped the mark, to say the least, and Will once again is forced into the role of reluctant private eye . . .

In the media

Hugely sympathetic and funny enough to make you laugh out loud
Literary Review
A real find as a novelist. His books are a fine example of that rare and special breed, the English comedy thriller. He writes witty and selfless prose . . . full of magnificent cameos and vignettes
Sunday Telegraph
Scruffy, chubby, disorganized Benson is a shrewd and amiable operator, the writing is from the self-deprecatingly witty school . . . altogether highly entertaining
The Times