Released on 19 August 2011.

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Back From The Dead

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'Did you close my eyes? Was it you who found me and was I still beautiful? . . . Or do you never think of me at all? And if you are thinking, "She can't come back," don't bet on it.'

McMahon, an aging rock star, has started receiving letters - yearning, obsessive letters from a girl called Leah containing information that only she could know. But Leah is dead and has been for a long time, so who is writing the letters? Tough city cop Youselli is hired to track down the mystery of Leah, fighting resistance from McMahon himself who doesn't seem to want to remember and from others who seem to have reasons for wanting to forget. In no time he is drawn into a surreal world of crazy love and dangerous obsession.

'A chilling page turner' Time Out