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Unreliable Memoirs

Book 1 in the series

3.9 based on 1928 ratings & 108 reviews on Goodreads.com

Publication date: 07.11.2008
ISBN: 9780330264631
Number of pages: 192


‘I was born in 1939. The other big event of that year was the outbreak of the Second World War, but for the moment, that did not affect me.’

In Unreliable Memoirs, the first instalment of Clive James’s memoirs, we meet the young Clive, dressed in short trousers, and wrestling with the demands of school, various relatives and the occasional snake, in the suburbs of post-war Sydney. His adventures are hilarious, his recounting of them even more so, in this – the book that started it all . . .

In the media

Unreliable Memoirs . . . is his prose masterpiece, and an example of English comic writing that should be taught to schoolchildren alongside the works of Evelyn Waugh and PG Wodehouse.
You can’t put it down once started. Its addictive powers stun all normal, decent resistance within seconds. Not to be missed.
Sunday Times
All that really needs to be said to recommend Unreliable Memoirs is that James writes exactly as he talks, which is all his millions of fans could wish.
Evening Standard