Released on 13 August 2015.

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"The footsteps stop but the birds are still singing, singing about a girl who wakes up on a dirt road and doesn't know what happened to her the night before..."

Romy Grey wears her lipstick like armour, ever since the night she was raped by Kellan Turner, the sheriff's son.

Romy refuses to be a victim, but speaking up has cost her everything. No one wants to believe Kellan is not the golden boy they thought he was, and Romy has given up trying to make herself heard.

But when another girl goes missing after a party, Romy must decide whether the cost of her silence might be more than she can bear.

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All the Rage purports a sort of bruised, battered hope. . . Summers a juggernaut for producing consistent, excellent young adult fiction from a formative age. I only hope that these stories and others like them - stories that shine a light on everything that can make a victim turn away - can kill doubt and guilt, and a defiance that says, no. No, this should not have happened.
A brilliant novel that slices right to the heart of what being a girl in this day and age entails... An absolute triumph. This book really is all the rage.
The Book Bag
Hard-hitting, moving and appallingly true
Maximum Pop