Released on 01 June 2007.

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The Fighter

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When a pair of fighters step into an illegal ring, sometimes only one walks out.

Paul Harris leads a sheltered life. Wealthy, kept by his father in fine suits and fast cars, and with a career in the family business laid before him, he feels little need to challenge the status quo.

Rob Tully, living across the river, also feels his life is mapped out. A born boxer, he trains with his father Reuben and his uncle Tommy, weighed down by their expectation on his seventeen-year-old shoulders that a gift like his can change their lives.

One night a vicious beating in a bar forces Paul to question himself for the very first time. The answer he finds sends him flailing into a world of ruthless bodybuilders and boxing gyms: an underground existence designed to eviscerate the weakness at his core, and ultimately to lead him to the Barn, where vicious and hopeless men brawl for cold hard cash, without rules, without limits, without brakes.

The Fighter is the electrifying story of one man trying to escape his fate and one man hurtling towards it. It stares boldly into the bloody world of bare-knuckle boxing, probes the difficult relationships between fathers and their sons, and explores the lengths to which these men are driven for self-knowledge, and the depths they will plumb in order to belong.