#2 in series

I'll Be Slaying You

Book 2 in the series

4.02 based on 2444 ratings & 113 reviews on Goodreads.com

Publication date: 06.11.2014
ISBN: 9781447282594
Number of pages: 0


Sandra "Dee" Daniels is a vampire's worst nightmare. Sure, she doesn't look threatening, but the monsters in her past and the stake in her boot are enough to keep most bloodsuckers interested in staying the hell away from her.

But there are changes afoot on her turf. Rumours are circulating that a Born Master is in town - a vampire so powerful he can make the streets run with blood. And there's a new face in Dee's grimy bars and alleyways - Simon Chase, a strong, sexy shadow with a haunted past of his own. Simon knows a lot about the dark side of Dee's work. He knows even more about how to make her body spark with desire. But the hot lust shimmering between them is only the beginning of her troubles. Because Simon also knows a secret that will change Dee's life forever - if she can live long enough to uncover it.

A Night Watch novel by New York Times bestselling author, Cynthia Eden.

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Cynthia Eden uses sexy men, strong women, fantastic characters, and highly erotic scenes to write paranormal romance that will leave you wanting more. I'll Be Slaying You is the type of book that grabs you from the get-go and holds on tight.
Cynthia Eden innovatively creates affecting paranormal stories. Throw in some danger, add in a myriad of dilemmas plus an abundance of steamy sensuality, and the resulting story is always engaging and totally entertaining...I'LL BE SLAYING YOU is a heartfelt paranormal romance where emotions and danger relentlessly collide.
It hooked me from the first page.