Released on 17 September 2010.

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Mock the Week: Next Year's Book

All-New Scenes We'd Like to See

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From the makers of the bestselling Mock the Week: This Year's Book comes this laugh-out-loud funny collection of one-liners for, well, the year after. Jam-packed with near-the-knuckle, quickfire gags, categories include: UNLIKELY THINGS TO READ ON THE BACK OF A BOOK: 'Incredibly moving, the book of the year' Whizzer and Chips BAD THINGS TO HEAR IN HOSPITAL: 'Can you feel that? You can feel my finger? Do you like it? Does it feel good? Sh*t, the doctor's here.' UNLIKELY THINGS TO READ IN A ROMANCE NOVEL: It was love at first sight -- she a beautiful heiress, he a donkey in a hat. UNLIKELY BOARD GAME INSTRUCTIONS: Having taken the cards out of your rectum, shuffle them and give everyone the maximum they will accept. UNLIKELY THINGS TO HEAR ON A PA SYSTEM: 'Could the man who has just been decapitated in Coach 6 please stop pressing the emergency button.'