Released on 16 September 2011.

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Mock the Week's Funniest Book of All Time

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The bestselling stocking filler returns, though you might want to give granny her Christmas sherry before she looks at it: MOCK THE WEEK'S FUNNIEST BOOK OF ALL TIME* is an hilarious, edgy collection of brand new gags from the team behind the popular panel show. Categories include:

UNLIKELY DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS: arsehopper (n.): small green insect that lives up your arse. I may have misheard this.

UNLIKELY VILLAGE NAMES: Clegg-Under-Cameron; Cock-on-the-Curtain; Tinchy Stryder . . .

UNLIKELY THINGS TO HEAR DURING SCHOOL ASSEMBLY: 'This year's Speech Day has of course been ruined by those silly boys who assassinated Mr Bartram . . .'

UNLIKELY THINGS TO HEAR ON DOWNTON ABBEY: 'Mr Bates's leg? He hurt it helping Otis Ferry throw a fire extinguisher off Nelson's Column at a Countryside Alliance march.'

UNLIKELY CROSSWORD CLUES: You won't get this (12, 4, 3, 5)

*This refers only to this and the previous three MTW books, and even that's a matter of opinion . . .