Released on 04 February 2011.

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The Motley Man

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The Motley Man, an earth golem of unknown origin, wakes up to find himself reborn in the wrong season. Soon afterwards, a raven called Swiftwing, hunter and harvester of hearts, slays him and swoops onwards to Stolz, the haven of his kind. The Motley Man now passes on to the Spirithut, awaiting there the judgment of the afterlife. Meanwhile, unfolding events compel Swiftwing to secretly murder the venerable Elderaven, thus becoming leader of all the raven tribes. But his crime is discovered and Swiftwing is banished from Stolz forever – unless he can recover the favour of their goddess, the Moon, by successfully flying to her in Deepsky.

When the Motley Man finally recovers his freedom, he is driven to seek his destroyer, Swiftwing. On his quest for retribution, he is joined by the last survivor of a once heroic lineage. Together they find adventure in encountering various elemental forces, and discover their conflicting reasons for hunting down Swiftwing as they search for their own meaning in the multiverse. Full of eerie magic and strange occurrences, this is an extraordinary pilgrimage though a poetic landscape.