All That's Left to Tell

Daniel Lowe

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04 May 2017
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What if you had the chance to re-imagine your past?

Every night, Marc Laurent, an American taken hostage in Pakistan, is bound and blindfolded. And every night, a woman he knows only as Josephine comes to visit him. At first, her questions are mercenary: who will pay for his release? But when Marc can offer no name, she asks him an even more difficult question: why didn't he go home for his daughter's funeral?

So begins a strange and yet comforting nightly ritual. Josephine tells Marc stories about what might have happened had Claire not been murdered. In turn, Marc begins to tell his own, in which his daughter is still alive. Soon, neither Marc nor Josephine are sure which stories are true and which are imagined, or even if it matters. And as they unfold – on a journey across America, into the past, and into a future that may never come – father and daughter start to find their way toward understanding each other once again.

Lyrical, seductive and utterly compelling, Daniel Lowe's debut novel All That's Left To Tell is a story of second chances and the stories we tell to make sense of ourselves.

'An utterly engrossing novel about the universal need to tell stories in order to survive, to remember, and to be remembered'

Laila Lalami

Like Tim O'Brien's After Cacciato, All That's Left To Tell celebrates not just the power of storytelling but the deeply human need for it in even the most dire situations. Alternately gripping and dreamy, Daniel Lowe's debut imagines what the stories we tell reveal about ourselves, and how they may save us

Stewart O'Nan, author of West of Sunset

All That’s Left To Tell took me completely by surprise. This moving, imaginative, intricate novel is written in a voice so sure and so deft that it’s hard to believe that it’s Daniel Lowe’s first. If you value the power of story, the cathartic effect of seeing another’s life in intimate detail, then please join me in celebrating this momentous debut

Mitchell Kaplan - Books & Books