Released on 04 June 2015.

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The Box of Demons

For ages 12+
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Ben Robson can't remember a time before he had the box, with its three mischief-making demon occupants: smelly, cantankerous Orf, manically destructive Kartofel and fat, slobbering greedy-guts Djinn. When Ben was a kid it was fun, and he enjoyed their company. Now he's twelve they're nothing but trouble.

Then one day Ben has an angelic visitor who tells him that he can be rid of the box forever if he sends it back to hell. There's only one catch - the box has other plans . . .

The Box of Demons by Daniel Whelan was the winner of the 2012 Write Now! Prize. It is available in hardback with a gorgeous pop-up illustration by Chris Riddell exclusively for Independent Book Week 2015.

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Reminiscent of Terry Pratchett's oeuvre, The Box of Demons is a humour, adventurous read - and the fact that the cover illustration was drawn by Chris Riddell is an added bonus.
The School Librarian