Released on 31 May 2018.

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The Cast

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We all need a supporting cast to guide us over life's hurdles . . .

Living in New York, Kait Whittier is a successful writer whose agony aunt column is read all over the country. With her children grown up and dotted around the globe, single mother Kait finds herself looking for distractions from her empty nest.

Kait never fails to be inspired by the many brilliant, independent women in her life. On a snowy New Year's Eve, Kait dreams up the concept for 'The Wilder Women', a TV about three women who find unlikely success during the 1940s aviation era in America.

Kait’s life is transformed by the success of the show and the relationships she forms with the star-studded cast. It's not long before Kait's new friendships become an extended family, supporting her through the tragedies, pitfalls and romances in her life that make Kait her own leading lady.

The Cast is an uplifting homage to women everywhere, by the world's favourite storyteller, Danielle Steel.