Released on 18 June 2013.

#1 in series
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The Parrot Cage

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This is the story of the Alderbrook sisters; of their volatile relationships with their parents, their friends and each other; of the dangers and deprivations of wartime London; of their roles in a secret intelligence department – and of Peter Suvarov, the dashing, mysterious Russian who recruited them.

Their involvement with him threatened the marriage of one, the reputation of another, and the life of the third.

They all loved him, but only one could marry him . . .

‘There were three of you, weren’t there? Three sisters, all ravishing, they say, and all very brilliant, working for him until the end of the war. All the people I have talked to said he was the most remarkable man.’

‘He was. We loved him, all of us.’

The Parrot Cage is the first novel in the Threaded Dances series. Continue reading the story of the Alderbrook sisters in Never Such Innocence.