Released on 23 May 2013.

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Predatory Thinking

A Masterclass in Out-Thinking the Competition

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Powerful strategies for how to out-think the competition -- from one of the true greats of the advertising world

Two explorers are walking through the jungle.

Suddenly they hear a tiger roar.

One explorer sits down and takes a pair of running shoes out of his backpack.

‘You’re crazy, you’ll never out-run a tiger,’ says the other explorer.

‘I don’t have to out-run the tiger,’ he replies.

‘I just have to out-run you.’

Predatory Thinking involves looking at a challenge you can't solve and getting upstream of it - changing it into a challenge you can solve. Written in the form of engaging, brilliantly lean anecdotes and stories, it is the philosophy that has underpinned Dave Trott’s distinguished career as a copywriter, creative director, and founder of some of London's most high-profile advertising agencies.

Drawing on Eastern and Western philosophy, and colourful characters that range from Second World War fighter pilots to Picasso, Socrates and Warren Beatty, this book represents the distilled wisdom of a lifetime at the creative cutting edge.