Released on 06 June 2013.

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Electric Train

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For ten passengers it sparked off drama and disaster

The 8.01 from Ocklington to Victoria. Crowded with passengers like any other busy commuter train on the Southern line. Each passenger cocooned in that curious dream-like limbo between home and work. And for ten of those passengers the journey was destined to hold a special significance . . .

For Miss Price, spinster, it was a marriage bureau. For Lady Majorie Mannering it was the start of a passionate affair. For Edward Blake, it brought a brief moment of happiness. For Sheila Tate it was the fairytale pumpkin that took her to the ball.

For them, and for the others, it was a safe world. Or so they thought. But it wasn’t only the official axe that threatened the train . . . Invisible wheels were in motion, accelerating slowly.

And no brake could halt the final tragedy.