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The Late Hector Kipling

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01 June 11


Hector Kipling has everything to live for: he is a talented artist with loving parents, a beautiful girlfriend, dependable mates and good health. But when Kirk Church, one of his best friends, and a habitual painter of cutlery, announces that he may have a brain tumour, the prospect of a character-building bereavement, with all the attendant suffering and sympathy, is a little too difficult for Hector to resist. Will it make him a better artist? Will it make him as successful as his friend Lenny Snook, who fills limousines with blood and has just been nominated for the Turner Prize? As events begin to unravel it doesn't take long for Hector's charmed world to fall completely and irreparably apart.

From settees to stalkers, con men to corpses, paranoid self-portraits to S&M, The Late Hector Kipling is an irreverent and candid exploration of life, death, art and everything in between.

'Wonderful entertainment . . . A funny and successful satire' Observer Review

'Exquisitely written with a warm heart and a wry wit, this is a stunning debut.' Elle

'David Thewlis has written an extraordinarily good novel, which is not only brilliant in its own right, but stands proudly beside his work as an actor, no mean boast.' Billy Connolly

'I laughed and laughed until I read my own name amongst the carnage of Thewlis's unfortunate characters. This book is a disgrace - it's mean, cruel and refreshingly cynical.' Jake Chapman

About David Thewlis

David Thewlis was born David Wheeler in 1963. He came to London with his band Door 66, but changed his plans and entered Guildhall School of Drama. He had minor roles in films and TV until he took the main role in Naked in 1993; since then, he has been in many other films including Dragonheart, Restoration, Black Beauty and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He has lived with the British actress Anna Friel since 2001.