The Best of British Crime omnibus: Murder in Moscow / Prescription for Murder / A Game of Murder

Andrew Garve

Francis Durbridge

David Williams

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19 July 2012
0 pages

To celebrate the depth and history of British crime, this Bello omnibus brings together three talented writers in one volume.

Murder In Moscow: Foreign correspondent George Gerney investigates the murder of a member of a pro-Soviet delegation from England, in Andrew Garve’s classic Cold War thriller. Refusing to accept the official Russian explanation and better versed than most foreigners in Soviet tactics of every kind, Gerney does his own investigating – giving a shrewd and often amusing picture of life behind the Iron Curtain.

A Game of Murder: A young Scotland Yard officer is on leave when his father dies in a golfing accident but he cannot let the mystery go. Who is the young man seen on the golf links and why is everyone so interested in a dog’s collar? The twisting, turning plot drips suspense on every page, quickening into a flood of action and mystery. Francis Durbridge’s novel of his classic 1966 TV serial keeps the reader guessing unti the very end.

Prescription For Murder: When animal rights’ protesters disrupt a Closter Drug Company press conference it’s seen as no more than an embarrassment, but then one of the company directors is kidnapped. An unusual demand for ransom — that the other directors sell their company shares at a crippling loss — adds to the puzzle and it’s up to David Williams’ famous merchant banker turned investigator, Mark Treasure, to figure out what’s really happening.