Released on 01 January 2010.

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Eat This, Not That

The No-Diet Weight-Loss Solution!

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The US Amazon #1 bestseller comes to the UK. Fully adapted for the UK market, Eat This, Not That! shows you that you can burn fat and build the body you want – not by restricting your diet, but by making informed, healthy food choices. And now, making the right choice every time is simple! Whether you’re in the supermarket, at a fast food restaurant, the local deli or even your own kitchen, you’re faced with dozens of food choices every single day. Which ones help you look and feel fit and slim – and which are loaded with hidden calories, fats and other nasty stuff? You’ll never know, unless you read Eat This, Not That!

With this simple illustrated guide to hundreds of foods – along with nutrition secrets that lead to fast and permanent weight loss – you’ll make the right choice every time.